The IGAG® Story

The importance of maintaining your internal and external health is what makes IGAG an incredible product and aid to complete your daily oral care routine; IGAG is a tongue cleaner uniquely and efficiently designed to remove debris, bacteria and oftentimes, the unpleasant aftertaste of residue that coats your tongue and mouth.The practice of tongue cleaning is centuries old and was evident in Africa, South America, India and Arabia. It was the dominant way to keep the mouth clean. In keeping with this concept and now fast forwarding to the 21st century, keep in mind these IGAG tongue cleaner features and facts:

IGAG's ergonomic Crescent -Shape Design is Patented to Capture and Collect the buildup of debris and residue left on your tongue.

IGAG is designed to accommodate right and left-handed users.

The plastic material used to make IGAG is BPA free and used in making medical devices and other healthcare applications.

IGAG is dishwasher safe and can be used in a dentist’s autoclave.

IGAG is easy to use: Just place your index finger in the groove notches at the back of the crescent and swipe from back to front – it’s that easy! Oh, just in case you stimulate the ‘gag’ reflex, relax your tongue and throat muscles, exhale and say to yourself, IGAG® …for a cleaner tongue!

Choose from IGAG’s nature inspired color choices: Crystal, Sand, Ocean and Coral.

IGAG is the perfect 21st century healthy choice for fashion-minded, lifestyle conscious teens and adults of all ages.

A person with their tongue hanging out brushing it.

It’s the job of IGAG® to help make food taste better and your mouth feel refreshed and clean

IGAG® believes in giving back.

The IGAG product and concept believes in giving back. Life changes on a dime. Ten cents of each sale will be donated to a 501(c) 3 charity, rotated on an annual basis. Know that the benefit of doing something good for yourself is extended to benefit doing something good for others.

Recommend replacing with a new IGAG® every three or four months for maximum efficiency.

Made and Manufactured in the USA