A woman with blonde hair and blue eyes smiling.


As President and CEO of Phenomenal Concepts, Inc. (PCI), and the inventor and creator of the IGAG® Tongue Cleaner, Sandra Reese is proud to introduce IGAG as her first independent business venture and product.

Sandra, a native New Yorker, was raised in Brooklyn and Queens and has lived in Manhattan since graduating with honors from Queens College. Her extensive experience in teaching, entertainment and media helped maximize her creative talents and continues to keep her mind and heart open to new ideas. In addition to her belief in conventional medicine, a near-death experience and chance meeting with a gifted psychic also lead to an interest in alternative and preventative medicine.

Simultaneous to improving her health, Sandra befriended a Brahman Indian who introduced her to tongue cleaning by using a plastic strip. Intrigued, Sandra researched this ancient practice and decided to design and create IGAG – a modern, user-friendly, dishwasher-safe tongue cleaner for both right and left-handed people.

While Sandra has been cleaning her tongue for more than twenty years and, although not yet scientifically proven, Sandra believes a great deal of her resistance to colds and other viruses is due to her consistent tongue cleaning regimen with IGAG.

Eating healthy, keeping physically fit and active and being environmentally conscious are also among Sandra’s many mantras for maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Because she is a strong advocate of volunteering and “giving back”, Phenomenal Concepts, Inc. plans to rotate charities every business year. To that end, PCI will donate a dime to a 501(C)3 charity for every single IGAG product sold. “Life changes on a dime!”

PCI and IGAG share the current day goal of keeping jobs in the USA where IGAG is manufactured. Sandra has made every effort to ensure that the plastic used is of the highest quality and contains no BPAs.

So clean your tongue for a healthier you! It’s the way to go in the 21st century.